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Yes. China.

I’ve received inquiries recently asking me if my Pillowcases are made in China.  Yes. They are.

Just like the computer I’m writing this on.  Probably most parts of it were made in China.  This chair I’m sitting on.  Probably most parts of it made in China.

My glasses that I’m looking through.  Probably some components from China from these.  The desk I’m sitting at.  I don’t think Canada has tin or aluminum mines – that I know of.  The bolts and metal parts, if not the whole desk, probably came from China.  As, probably, did the stapler to my left, the pens on my right.

I was clothes shopping at Calypso Bay here in Prince Albert a couple weeks back.  Shannon was doing a great job of making me feel like a million bucks as I tried on clothes.  We were talking about the pandemic’s effects on our businesses.

An elderly couple came in.  Shannon welcomed them.  While his wife looked through the racks, the man asked Shannon if any of her clothes were made in China. Yes, some are, she told him.

Then he shamed her for that.

As I listened to this, I doubted that his cell phone, wallet, plastic cards, shoes, hat and cane had zero parts originating in China.  I doubted that his car and his electric shaver had all been made 100% from scratch with no components from China.

The couple left.  They left an awkward, uneasy pall in their wake.

Yes, Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase comes from China. China invented silk.  China provides over 95% of the world’s silk.  If you have silk in your house, there’s a 95% chance it’s from China. If your silk doesn’t come from China, it comes from Thailand or India.

China invented the technology that converts bamboo into textile.  Until very recently, all bamboo fabric originated in China.  If you have anything made out of bamboo fabric in your house, it’s almost 100% likely that it originated in China.

This is my business that I created in Saskatchewan.  This is my design that I designed in Saskatchewan.  I am a woman born and raised in Saskatchewan.

My pillowcases come from China to my house.  My husband hand inspects each one.  He packages each one.

I advertise them and when people purchase them, I bundle them up, walk them over to my Canada Post outlet, have a quick visit with Juli while she processes my shipments, and then head home to email my Therapie customers that their beautiful, superior, one of a kind, Saskatchewan based Pillowcase is on its way.

I am a proud entrepreneur who undertook great personal financial risk to create this Pillowcase so my skincare Clients could have the best silk Pillowcase on the planet for their skin, hair and lashes.  I am a proud small business owner who has maintained this business, through good and bad economic times, for over 8 years.   I will not be shamed for it.


Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.