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Become a Therapie Retailer. Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase is like a little beauty treatment for your Clients while they sleep.

You work hard. You have your own business. 

Cherise likes you already. 

If you’re like Cherise, you keep your eye out for products that will help your Customers. 

If you sell skincare or hair care products, Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase helps your Clients look better and feel better.  

Cherise thinks Therapie makes a great gift.  She went all out on luxurious packaging so Therapie fits well in a gift shop!

And, since it goes on the bed, it’s a sure thing in a bedding store. Or a lingerie boutique.

Cherise knows what it’s like to be in business.  She’ll help you get the word out with complimentary print materials or targeted social media ads.  She’ll make sure you have a competitive price point. Cherise wants people to buy local and support local business – yours!

Become a Therapie Retailer by filling out the form below. Or, call Cherise at 306.980 9959. She looks forward to hearing from you!