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Wondering about becoming a Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase Retailer?

You have your own business. 

You watch for products that will delight your Customers.

If you work in hair care or skin care, Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase helps your Clients look and feel better between appointments with you.  

These exclusively available Pillowcases make great gifts.  Therapie fits well in a gift boutique.

It’s a natural fit in a bedding or lingerie boutique.

With a regal looking wrap and a gold tin that’s both painted and embossed, these luxurious Pillowcases are dressed to impress on your store shelf.  

With each wholesale order, you’ll receive complimentary print materials and social media ads to promote your business in your market. 

You’ll also get a dedicated wholesale price that is only for bricks and mortar Retailers, so that you always have the most impressive retail price.

Cherise knows you work hard.  You put lots of time, effort, and thought into your business.  She fully supports stores with doors – like yours.

To ask questions about becoming a Therapie Retailer, please fill out the form below, call Cherise at 306.980.9959 or email her at

Her business looks forward to working with your business!