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Why Coffee and Therapie Go Together Like PB & J Right Now

Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase and…coffee? One of these things doesn’t sound like it should be anywhere near the other due to potential (a.k.a very likely for me) spillage…

Before I get into the meat of this matter, I first want to thank Cherise for having me guest post on the Therapie blog. Cherise and I have known and worked with each other in various capacities for nearly six years. Today, I’m also honoured to call her my dear friend. Alright, let’s get into our chat about Therapie and coffee…or should I say, #Thoffee.

I get teased about my love of coffee a fair bit (which I welcome by the way!). However, the way I experience my morning java goes beyond sippin’ and caffeinatin’. ⁣

I pay attention to the way it smells and tastes when it first touches my tongue — a syncopated explosion of my favourite flavours. I pay attention to its texture in my mouth — silky smooth radness. I see the cup. This one is a bright red. It sort of has a gradient effect. Is the gradient effect(ish) on purpose? Or is it a little weathered due to being well loved? I’ll never tell. ⁣

Regardless, when I have my first cup of coffee each day, enjoying every part of experiencing it is all I think about. No thoughts of the future or the past. Just the delectable java.

So, what does this have to do with Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase? Coffee is my morning muse. Therapie is my evening bliss. They bookend my days, every day.

Like PB & J (or another nut butter — I’m a big fan of almond!), I can rely on Thoffee to bring comfort and unfettered enjoyment to my day. I look at it this way: I get that there are more than a few reasons Therapie is an ingenious invention of Cherise’s. In fact, I daresay that in a few years’ time the anti-aging and curly hair benefits will trump the reason I look forward to sleeping on it each night. This said, right now I’m into it because when my head hits the pillow, I roll over, and my cheek grazes my pillowcase…damn, does it ever feel good nestled against my all season dry skin. So good, in fact, that I’m able to stop any anxious thoughts in their tracks; focusing instead on the simple soft pleasure before me.

These days, I’m h-e-double-hockey sticks bent on reducing stress in every way I can to help my immune system function at its highest level. For this reason, I suppose you could say that the Therapie + Coffee “Thoffee” combo is indeed my cup of tea.😉

If you’ve read this far, thank you for choosing to take the time to do so. It’s been a true pleasure to be here with you today.

Sending you and your loved ones my very best until we meet again.


Rosemary Stephanson