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Knock the Dust off of Your Walking Shoes

I love this time of year.  I knock the dust off of my walking shoes and I get outside.  I feel fabulous!  Bright sunshine, fresh air, geese honking overhead.  I know that I’m getting more health benefits than I get at the gym through the winter months.

Your cortisol stress hormone levels go down more when you walk outdoors.  Translation:  more stress reduction and greater relaxation.  This is great; I’m always on the lookout for more inner peace.

Your blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension go down more.  There’s something about that blue sky, those trees and those birdies that’s just so good for the brain and body.

This photo is from a trip to Ireland that I was so lucky to go on with my Soul Sister (in Law) Faith and her little brother, my husband, Quentin.  Ireland was filled with magical and awe inspiring vistas to enjoy on a walk.  The good news is that you can get that nature walk feeling in your city.  Visit a green space and get walking.  Take in the air and the sky and admire the trees and the grass.  You’ll reap all of those health benefits without the airfare.

So, knock the dust off your walking shoes and get out there!  Your brain and your body will thank you.




Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.

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