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The Biology of Essential Oils: Do They Work?

I wasn’t sleeping and my anxiety was so strong and so constant that I worried for my physical health. Celina at the Healing Garden Spa in Prince Albert suggested an essential oil blend.  I was willing to try almost anything.  Almost.  Let me back up.

Many, many years ago, I had gone to see a Doctor about the depression I was having at the time. He prescribed anti depressants.  I was young and assumed this was the only course of action.  I had a terrible time on anti depressants.  I know they are helpful for many but they created more of a problem for me.

So here I was with Celina. She handed me this little roller style glass bottle.  It smelled good.  I grabbed it, rolled it all over any exposed skin I had, and continued my search for additional solutions.  I just had to get back to sleeping and feeling calm and peaceful in my life.

Good news: I’m sleeping and I am calm and peaceful in my life again.  For months now.  Almost all of the time.  What a relief.  I know life will throw another curve ball at me in the future, no doubt.  Life does that.  I’m sure that curve ball, like the ones before it, will threaten to knock me right over.  I’ll deal with it as best I can.  But for now, I feel calm and peaceful in my life damn near 100% of the time and I sleep pretty damn good.  What a victory.  I am so grateful.

I worked hard to get to this place of peace and calm and successful sleeping. There are many pieces that came together to create my solution.  One of them is this essential oil blend.  I continue to wear it regularly.

I felt like it was being part of the solution right away but I was skeptical. I needed to understand the science.  I don’t take too many things just on good faith anymore.  One too many curve balls.

The first thing I did was ask a Doctor.  After all, Doctors can be pretty skeptical and scientific.  She looked at me with a little smile and said, “Of course they work.”  I was actually surprised.  “How?”  I asked.  “There is a connection between your olfactory system and the brain.”  And there is.  I was happy, not just because of the essential oil blend I was using.  I was happy because I knew that it worked for real.

Some essential oils can be applied to the skin. They work because they are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.  Essential oils can be inhaled.  Through the respiratory system and olfactory organs, they affect the limbic system – the emotional brain, if you will.  Some essential oils can be ingested and have effects through the digestive system.

Now the warnings:  be cautious.  Some essential oils can cause skin reactions.  Most are not meant to be ingested and can make you sick or even be toxic to liver or kidneys.  Even if an essential oil is said to be safe for oral consumption, no one knows what natural supplements and prescriptions you are taking except you.  The essential oil might react with medicines you take.

So, if you are experiencing depression, insomnia or anxiety, consider an essential oil blend. Maybe it can be part of your path back to feeling calm, peaceful and well rested.

Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.

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