New Year's Resolutions


Self Care for the New Year: Therapie Reflects

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution we can all get behind: self care. We might live in one of the most privileged countries on earth but we’re probably some of the most stressed out people.

Do you have a hard time saying no? Do you over commit on a regular basis? How often do you feel like you-the-parent and you-the-spouse do so much for others that there’s no time left for – you?

Self care. Things that refill and replenish your personal well. They can be physical care things like getting a massage for your knotted up back or a pedicure for those sore, under loved feet with the cracked heels. It might be going to a movie you want desperately to see, by yourself, rather than not at all. Or taking ten minutes with a magazine or a book.

Self care. This is the New Year’s Resolution that Therapie proposes for each and every one of us for 2015. Find moments to smell the roses. Stare at the sky. Apply lotion to dry and neglected body parts. Listen to your tunes. Finally address that you have trouble sleeping. Remember, if your personal well runs dry, everybody you love – everyone you work with – loses. Loved ones get stressed out when you are sick, especially if you wind up critically ill from not caring for yourself or not listening to your body and mind.

We need to reframe. Self care isn’t selfish. Besides, it’s good modelling for our peers and children. In 2015, make a better effort to take care of yourself so your children learn to do the same. You will be grooming a future healthy adult.


Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.

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