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Hair Care Hacks for More Shine

The sun is shining bright now that it’s Spring but is your hair?  Or are you finding it dull looking?  Here are some hair care tips to help your hair look its best and brightest.

Go easy with the towel.  When you towel dry, do you vigorously rub out your head?  This can make hair dull.  The cuticle gets roughed up.  A smooth cuticle gets the most shine.  Gently apply pressure to the head to blot out water.  If hair is long, you can grab it in the towel and squeeze water out.

Don’t brush wet hair.  Just like silk, another protein, hair is its most fragile when it is wet.  You have to baby it to get maximum shine.  Instead of brushing, use a wide tooth comb and comb gently and slowly.  Raking the comb through creates breakage.

Do a coconut oil scalp massage.  This is an ancient Indian hair care tip that is still used today.  It helps to keep the scalp supple and it brings shine to hair. You can do this once a week for shine.  Do it twice a week or every second day if you feel like hair is thinning.

Get your B vitamin levels checked.  If you are low in B vitamins, it may show up in your hair as dullness.

Of course, sleep on a real silk pillowcase.  Satin is made out of polyester which doesn’t breathe.  This creates static which can make bedhead worse and reduce shine.


Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.

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