What's Drinkable Skincare - Does Drinkable Skin Care Work?


Drinkable Skincare

Drinkable Skincare

This is a hot new trend that’s just starting: Drinkable Skincare. Or, you could just eat a salad and take your vitamins –  I’m just saying.

Yep, drinkable skincare. Sounds so cool. And although I sound dismissive, I actually support it. I’ve said for years that great skin, in part, starts from the inside out. Our skin is, in part, what we eat. I’ve always encouraged women and men to eat well, not just for their health but for their looks.

I just don’t think you have to spend a small fortune on an elixir in a shee shee poo poo bottle to get those best skin and best hair nutrients. But honestly, if that’s what will get you to improve what you put in your body, then I raise my glass to you and say “Bottoms Up!”

Musts for your best skin and hair (and lashes): protein. You gotta eat protein. Please, please, eat your protein. Daily. Especially as you get older. Really make a commitment to taking in protein dense foods with every meal. And no, sucking some peanut butter off a spoon while you nosh on a bowl of cereal (“There’s protein in milk!”) is not enough protein. You can get away with this while you’re young. Your body is still in high gear when it comes to collagen production so it doesn’t show on you. As much. But you’ll pay for this later in life when it really counts.

Vitamin C. Sure, some of these shee shee drinks have collagen in them. But protein and Vitamin C are like the grandparents of collagen. And Vitamin C helps every skin concern there is:  acne, rosacea, pigment, aging.

The list of nutrients that benefit skin, hair and lashes is a long one. Consider taking a multi to get the crucial nutrients. If you’re not down with that or it disagrees with your tummy, take a B complex. There’s all kinds of B vitamins that play out in hair and skin along with stress reduction and improved sleep. Just be sure to take your B when you get up, not before sleep.

So, eat fresh veggies and fresh fruit. Eat very protein dense foods. Ease up on anything processed – that’s all the food that doesn’t look like you could pull it out of the ground or whack it over the head. Or, go buy expensive drinkable skincare in shee shee poo poo bottles. Just remember to recycle the bottles.

Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.

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