DIY Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Hand Scrub


DIY Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Hand Scrub

Exfoliate and hydrate with this easy and effective DIY Brown Sugar and Olive Oil Hand Scrub. Dry, tight, chapped winter hands, be gone!

1 teaspoon of brown sugar combined in a bowl with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. It’s that easy. Rub very gently into hands and cuticles for a full 2 minutes. Do this over a sink.

Rinse and then lightly wash hands with soap, just enough to remove any remaining sugar particles from the hand scrub. Pat dry and immediately apply a lotion.

Do your hands one better. Put on your Therapie Silk and Bamboo Mitts. The pure silk interior makes the olive oil and lotion much more effective at hydrating and healing skin than air drying or cotton moisture gloves. Cotton is what towels are made of. Both air and cotton wick moisture away from skin.

Your hands will look better. They’ll feel better. They’ll be healthier.

The sugar works because it’s gritty and because it has an exfoliant in it called glycolic acid. The olive oil works because your skin’s natural moisturizer is like oil, not water. Also, olive oil has healthy fats in it called omegas that are super good for skin.

Your skin is an organ, like your stomach or your liver. It’s part of your immune system – it’s your body’s first line of defense against invaders like bacteria and viruses. And just like your liver and your stomach, you only get one skin. Take care of those hard working hands.

Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.

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