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Sleep Tips for Spring Time

Spring can be tough on your sleep.  As a result, your face can wind up looking tough.

One of the biggest aging factors is lack of sleep.  Not sleeping makes your cortisol levels rise.  This stress hormone increases inflammation and this breaks down collagen.  The result is stressed out skin that looks older.

Here are some sleep tips to help you keep looking fresh- faced and gorgeous.

Darken your bedroom.  The sun is coming up earlier; chances are that you’re not sleeping as deeply.  Maybe you need thicker curtains or wider, sturdier blinds to block more sunrise.

Darken yourself.  If you can’t change the window coverings, you can wear an eye mask.  Get a fabric that’s breathable like cotton, pure silk or bamboo.  It’ll keep you cool and comfortable.  Many eye masks are made out of satin or fleece.  These are polyester and they don’t breathe.  That leads to being hot and getting sweaty – and not for the right reasons!

Keep the room cool but keep your body warm.  Turn the heat down a bit and throw on another blanket.  A cool environment helps us sleep better than a hot one.  The opposite is true for the body; if we’re too cold, we won’t sleep.

Turn off screens.  Often, I get resistance on this one when I get preachy with my tired Clients.  The facts are that those screens are not helping you to unwind and fall asleep.  The sleep that you are getting is very poor quality when it is influenced by a screen right before you doze off.  Trust the results of the many studies that have been conducted on this.  You’d be better off with a crossword puzzle than with Candy Crush on your phone or Netflix on your tablet.  Even better; print off all of my weekly blogs from the year and read those right before bed.  I bet that you’ll have a hard time making it through last month’s blogs before you start to nod off.

Wear breathable fabrics or nothing at all.  Breathable fabrics help us temperature regulate through the night so we stay sleeping.  No fabric reduces distractions like the sensation of cloth binding or pulling around limbs.  However, be warned if you don’t sleep alone; no fabric may actually cause more distractions resulting in even less sleep – but at least it’s for the right reasons!


Cherise Arnesen

Cherise Arnesen developed Therapie® Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase from her work in skincare. She owns a skincare business in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She loves sleep, skincare, and wellness.


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