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Friends & Family: Returned

My husband Quentin hand inspects each and every Pillowcase.  Every once in awhile, one doesn't pass his scrutiny.  Nonetheless, these precious beauties get carefully put aside for later. Once Quentin… Read More

Bedtime Ritual

Our brains and our bodies like structure and routine.  Our emotions and our spirit take comfort in these routines. That is what ritual is all about.  Boiled down, you could… Read More

Yes. China.

I've received inquiries recently asking me if my Pillowcases are made in China.  Yes. They are. Just like the computer I'm writing this on.  Probably most parts of it were… Read More

Laughter is Beautiful

Laughter is good for your skin! Stress is not. Laughter makes every face look beautiful. I know that cases are high and temperatures are low. It can be hard to… Read More

Redhead Appreciation Day

It's Redhead Appreciation Day! How nice! How times have changed - so much nicer than automatically getting accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake! If you know a real… Read More