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How To Prevent Aging From The Sun During August Long Weekend

Anti-Aging. August Long Weekend. How’s this possible?

Sun, smoke, stress, (lack of) sleep.  These are four of the most important aging factors.

If you’re heading out on the road this weekend, yes, it’s possible to beat aging from the sun. How? Put down that visor when you drive. Because unfortunately, yes, sun affects your skin through glass.

Have you ever taken a picture off a wall and seen how discolored your paint has become? That’s sun damage.

Have you ever noticed how posters in the windows of shops all seem to turn blue over time? Also sun damage.

So put your visor down when you drive this weekend. Actually, scratch that. Keep that visor down all year round. And don’t forget to keep it down when we get closer to fall. The sun will sit lower through the day, and lots of sun will still affect your face when you drive – especially on your left side.

Remember: If you can see it, you can burn. Twenty years from now, your face will thank you for keeping this in mind.

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