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Collagen Facts and Fiction

There are a lot of photos on Facebook right now of people looking way younger after eating or drinking collagen.  Here’s what you need to know.

Collagen is a protein.  It’s part of your hair, muscles, skin, tendons, and teeth.  Everyone wants to make more collagen so they can look young.  It may not be the way you think.

When you eat or drink collagen, your body digests it.  Your body breaks it down.  Eating and drinking collagen does not result in collagen.

So why do those people on Facebook look so young?  They’re better hydrated, lubricated, and moisturized.  Collagen hydrates, lubricates, and moisturizes skin and joints.

Should you take collagen?  If your skin feels beyond dry and no amount of lotion helps, collagen may be one of several solutions.  If your joints feel stiff and sore, collagen supplementation could make a difference in your comfort levels.

Keep in mind, ingesting collagen does not make the skin younger.  To do that, you need to make collagen.  The body synthesizes collagen from the protein and vitamin C that you eat.

What about wearing collagen?  Collagen is also hydrating, lubricating, and moisturizing when it’s applied to the skin.  Marine algae is a very common source of collagen for skincare products.

Remember to think critically when looking at beauty claims.  Do your due diligence.  Research independently with a little bit of healthy skepticism. Ingesting or wearing collagen has its beauty advantages but they’re a little different than many people think.


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