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Champagne is Good for Your Skin

Champagne isn’t just for Valentine’s Day and celebrating life’s accomplishments! It’s for the BATHTUB.’s article called “Toast to Bubbly’s Big Benefits” explains some of the health benefits of drinking Champagne. The article also provides this skin-tastic bathtub recipe from Kristin Fraser, founder and CEO of The Grapeseed Company. She says to combine:

1 cup powdered milk
1/2 cup epsom salts
1 or more cups of sparkling wine
1 Tbsp of honey, heated to make it thin and runny

This goes in the bathtub and so do you. Your skin enjoys skin tightening and redness reducing benefits, all in time for Valentine’s Day. Have a sip while you bathe to enjoy the other health benefits like reduced risk of heart disease.

So, have a soak and a sip and feel good inside and out!

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