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Proven Ingredients in Skincare for Anti Aging

One of the reasons Customers love Therapie is because the pure, real silk reduces wrinkles brought on from sleep creases.  What ingredients in skincare products are proven effective at reducing wrinkles?

There are three proven powerhouse anti aging ingredients.  They are retinol, peptides and vitamin C.

However, there are more proven anti aging ingredients and they are almost as strong:  alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and green tea.

I believe in implementing as many of these ingredients as you can into your skincare routine.

How do you do that?


One night, I use a green tea and vitamin E serum.  The next night, I’ll use my retinol serum.  The night after, I’ll use my vitamin C and peptides serum.

A person can only have so many serums and crèmes so I also take supplements.  That way, I get those anti aging benefits from the inside out as well.  I take either an Alpha Lipoic Acid or Coenzyme Q10 capsule every day.

A real, pure silk pillowcase works great with high quality skincare because that fabric is non absorbent.  This means that your skincare stays on your face and therefore works more effectively.


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