Benefits of a Pure Silk Pillowcase with pure bamboo

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Pure silk plus a bamboo twist is the ideal self care tool for sleep and beauty.

The benefits of a pure silk pillowcase with pure bamboo: Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase.

  • Lash extensions last better between fills.
  • Gentle slide and glide for the delicate skin of the face, for anti aging.
  • Night time skincare works best with pure silk as it is non-absorbent.
  • For hair – less bedhead.  More shine.
  • Reduce night time hair breakage for thin hair.
  • Support for hair extensions.
  • Curls have better shape and less frizz.
  • Preserve your hair style better through the night.
  • Pure silk is very breathable so it feels cooling for hot sleepers.
  • Therapie silk is 100% pure.  No cotton or polyester is blended in to keep the price down.
  • The soft bamboo back panel keeps your pillow from slipping around, under your head.
  • The secret third panel of bamboo keeps your case from sliding off your pillow.
  • Therapie in Deep Sleep Blue actually benefits your quality and amount of sleep.
  • Also available in Natural White.
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