Benefits of a Pure Silk Pillowcase with pure bamboo


About Therapie

Can a Pillowcase Really Provide Peace Each Night? That’s a bold statement.

We agree — this is a bold statement. And for our wise customers whose Google Calendars and planners are full to the brim and then some, Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase does precisely this.

Why? Our pillowcase is an immediate reprieve from the onslaught of must-dos, to-dos and wont-dos-if-I-can-avoid-its of the day.

To begin, when you enter your bedroom and see your Therapie pillowcase, you’re given a visual cue: It’s chill time. Jammies. Night creams. The whole nine chill time yards ensue. From there, you roll into bed and sooner or later, it happens: You lay down and your face touches your pillow for what *sometimes* feels like the first time in years. Before you know it, it hits you: A sigh of unabashed relief as the smoothness of cool, pure silk takes over; gently caressing your face everywhere you’d like it to. Deep, restorative sleep is but a moment away.


What Else is Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase Up to All Night Long?

To start, it’s like a little beauty treatment while you sleep. Shinier hair. Less frizzy curls. Night time hair breakage reduction. All of these things are in the works while you’re catching those deep Zzzzs.

There’s more. Therapie’s creator Cherise Arnesen is a spa owner in Prince Albert, SK, who specifically designed Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase to do everything you’ll see next.

Our noggins need TLC. Especially if we’ve been genetically blessed with sensitive scalps or faces. Real, pure silk and pure bamboo are both very breathable and hypoallergenic. (Yes, pure silk feels soooo good when it meets upset or sensitive skin. And it helps preserve hair styles better throughout the night. Bedhead: Be gone!)

The soft bamboo back panel helps your pillow stay in place on the bed and under your head, while the secret bamboo panel under the silk keeps your case secure on your pillow. No more scratchy-feeling zippers or clasps to contend with.

Lash extensions love Therapie’s Silk and Bamboo Pillowcases because they look better between fills. Wrinkles aren’t fans of Therapie’s Silk and Bamboo Pillowcases because they’re less likely to occur from sleep creases. Can’t win ’em all!

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